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Enjoy the benefits of a Montessori conference from the comfort of your home!

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  • Chat and connect with fellow homeschoolers from around the world

This Event is for you if...

  • You are unsure of what Montessori homeschooling really is
  • You feel overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling
  • You would like to learn practical tips from the people that had the same struggles
  • You would like to refresh your knowledge about important Montessori concepts
  • You want to connect with other homeschoolers in the same position as you
  • You miss attending educational events and want to get energized and inspired
  • Want to have a peaceful homeschool year

A few things that you will learn about:

Understand how Montessori at home looks and how to set up your environment without stress and how to prepare the environment for independence

Learn how to use positive discipline with children, and how to implement techniques of peaceful communication
Learn practical tips about incorporating Montessori into your homeschool

Discover what kinds of activities to help your child master grammar and writing in a fun and memorable Montessori way

Learn how to homeschool your preschooler the Montessori way and what should be done to teach your elementary aged child

You will receive tips about how to give Montessori lessons in a way that is engaging for the child! Learn how to give lessons in a play based way!

Learn practical tips

that will have your

children thriving,

leading to a successful

homeschool year

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Learn from the Best Montessori Experts

How Does It Work?


"Montessori Peace Education"

by Sharlie Burnie

"Education From Birth"

by by Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike

"Why Handwork Is An Essential Element Of Cosmic Education"

by Carol Palmer

"Conflict Resolution for Ages 6-12"

by Laura Connor

“Artistic Expression in the Montessori Home Environment"

by by Letty Rising and Jana Morgan Herman

"Homeschool Wizard: Special Needs with a Montessori Mindset"

by Jennifer Wilmot


"Homeschool Wizard: Special Needs with a Montessori Mindset"

by Aubrey Hargis

"Preparing Your Child for Toilet Learning the Montessori Way"

by Rachel Kincaid

"Montessori Grammar at Home"

by Jennifer Kilgore

"What is Guided Inquiry? How Can It Be Used In Homeschool?"

by Jackie Grundberg

"Guiding the Reluctant Writer"

by Pilar Bewley

"Montessori as a Practice"

by Pamela Green


"Cultural Competence & Your Montessori Child"

by Lynda Apostol

"Navigating Independence:

Toddler Edition"

by Catherine Mason

"Extra languages (Foreign and Second Languages) in the Home"

by Matt Bronsil

"Montessori Discipline at Home"

by Carine Robin

"The Inclusive Montessori Classroom: One Family's Experience of Belonging"

by Liza Jensen and Claudia Mann

"Montessori in the Workplace: Applying Principles in Your Adult Life"

by Donna May Tomboc


"Positive Discipline for Homeschoolers"

by Jeanne-Marie Paynel

"Montessori Toddler Music, Art and Outdoor Activities"

by  Carolyn Lucento

"Using the Human Tendencies to Develop Compassionate Teaching"

by Claudia Mann

"How to Run a Montessori-Style Homeschool Project Group"

by Jackie Grundberg

"ADHD and Montessori Homeschooling"

by Lisa Dei Gratia


"You Don't Have to Plan for Homeschool - Do This Instead"

by Alicia Díaz-David

"How the Cosmic Curriculum Cultivates Creative Cognition and Ecoliteracy"

by Kelly Johnson

"Importance of Sensory Stimulation During Birth to 6"

by Anya

"Being a Black Deaf Father Montessorian"

by Ashton Jean-Pierr

"Parenting on Purpose"

by Luz Casquejo Johnston


What age is the Montessori Homeschool Summit best suit for?

The Summit covers a variety of topics that are appropriate from birth to lower elementary aged children.

Will I receive a certificate after watching the videos?

No, you will NOT receive certificates of completion. You will NOT receive a diploma. This is not a Montessori training program.

Where can I find the handouts mentioned in the videos?

All of the presentation handouts can be found under each video in the section called "Handouts".

Can I download the videos to watch later?

No. We do not want to fill your hard drive with heavy videos. You can login and watch them anytime. You will have access to those videos for 1 year.

Where can I learn more about each presenter?

Please visit our Virtual Exhibit Hall and learn about the work of each speaker.

Can I ask presenters some questions?

You can visit our Summit Hub Facebook group where we will have discussions for every video session.

You can post your questions there.

Can I purchase each video separately?

No. You can only access the videos by purchasing a ticket to the full Summit.

I need some extra support. Can I email you?

Please email us at [email protected]

About the Hosts

Meet Kathrine Kabral

Katherine is a Montessori teacher from Ukraine. She works over at I Believe in Montessori.

She creates different printable learning materials that can be used in the classroom and at home.

She blogs at I Believe in Montessori where she shares her Montessori ideas and tries to inspire teachers and parents

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